01 - Exploring The I And The Universe

Exploring The I And The Universe

As Self Learning Programs

We are all naturally intelligent self learning programs. Each one of us alone can write our own programs and create our own identity, but we can exchange data.

We create our Subject and present it as an Object to others. At higher levels of evolution many smaller objects cooperate to form a composite object, the body of a higher level subject. We are of the Form of Software, Knowledge, Information, Spirit - 2 - 3. The Hardware is created, defined, projected by executing the software.

We start as a dimensionless seed program and continue building and executing our program, creating and learning from our creation - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, till we discover our essence as our Being, the ultimate abstraction, formless, unbounded pure Being.

We are also like nested functions in a hierarchy of programs and have private variables and public or global variables, at various levels of the hierarchy, and can move over the hierarchy to be a part of any level of the Being. We can exit loops and surrender identities to move up to the level of the main program itself, God, Brahman or Paramatma.

As a Mind inside another Mind

One Mind, God’s Mind creates an infinite number of minds, and minds within minds, in order to see through an infinite number of points of perception and absorbs each of these minds into itself when its purpose of rediscovering itself from a unique perspective is accomplished.

Each Mind is a replica of the Original Mind. All of creation is made up of minds nested within other minds. The inside of a higher level mind provides the outside environment for all the lower level minds within itself.

Minds are dimensionless and have no location. All locations exist within Minds.

The space inside a mind is not located in or limited by the space outside the mind. Look inside your mind. You can create or imagine any amount of space within and can directly access every point in that space. You can create or imagine any number of objects in that space.

Will alone is enough to create within the Mind. You can directly will the form and actions of every object in your mind. Minds control objects from within the objects themselves.

Centre and Total

The centre of every grain of creation is the total. Creation proceeds from the centre outwards. If one goes to one’s Centre one will simultaneously be containing the entire Creation.

Through the Centre the Centre of any other point in Creation can be identified with and instantaneously communicated with outside of time. Time is applicable in movement on the outside, away from the Centre, in finite creation.

Being in the "I"

The “I” identity is at every centre, at all levels of the program and withdrawing into the I continuously will take one right upto the I in the Main Program. When the lower level I drops the higher level I takes over and includes the lower level I within itself. The Ocean falls into the Drop.

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After Self Realization, awareness has a new home. It does not relate to the external mind anymore in the same way. It relates to the Self God, Parasiva, as home base and flows out into the various layers of the mind, and in again. Before Self Realization, awareness was in the external mind trying to penetrate the inner depths. Then it would return to the external mind and again try to penetrate the within through the processes of meditation. After Self Realization, the whole process of the flow of awareness is reversed.

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