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Osho World: Vision of an Enlightened Master [Meditation Discourses and books]

Osho World: Discourses

Complete archive of English Osho Discourses comprising around 2489 audio files is available here. Now, you can listen to the mesmerising voice of Osho right at your desktop. Better still, you can download them in MP3 format to your machine.

Complete archive of Hindi Osho Discourses comprising around 3046 audio files is available here. These discourses have been arranged alphabetically and cover a large number of subjects and Masters, Osho has spoken on.

Osho World: EBooks

More than Two Hundred Forty Osho Books in English are now available online here for reference and reading in a new, innovative, easy-to-read format.

Here you can read more than Seventy-Five Osho Books in Hindi. Titles include, Kahe kabir Diwana, Naye Bharat ki Khoj, Amrit Kan, Asambhav Kranti, Kranti Sutra, Krishna Smriti and more…

Osho World: Osho’s Biography

Photos of Osho · Many Faces of Meditation

YouTube Playlist

OSHO: I Leave You My Dream - YouTube

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