Robin Alexis

Robin Alexis

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Robin Alexis - - Robin is considered by many to be a modern-day Goddess. After three near-death experiences, she was gifted with many intuitive abilities and has helped countless people live life more fully and with purpose. Robin, who also has a degree in psychology, has been sought out by clients and healers worldwide, because when it comes to intuitive abilities … she does it ALL.

Her primary passion, however, is to help the feminine spirit connect to Mother Earth, and to teach women how to nurture and empower themselves through natural methods of stress reduction, nourishment, meditation, and traditional methods of healing.

Robin’s special focus is supporting women’s relationships with their as yet unborn, lost, and aborted children, as well as teaching the principles of Metaphysical Mothering™ to new parents.

“It is the fortunate child whose parents know its soul purpose prior to or shortly after its birth. And every pregnancy is purposeful.”

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